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100 seeds of Leonotis nepetifolia - KLIP Dagga - Wild Dagga

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100 seeds of Leonotis nepetifolia - KLIP Dagga - Wild Dagga

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Leonotis nepetifolia, also known as klip dagga or lion's ear, is a species of plant in the genus Leonotis.

In Trinidad  the leaves are brewed as a tea for fever, coughs womb prolapse and malaria. Additionally it is widely used as an relaxant.


Seeds need light to germinate. They shouldn't be covered with soil but only sprinkled and gently pressed onto it.

Always keep it warm and moist, best is to cover the pot with kitchen foil to keep the moisture. Germination starts after about 2-3 weeks.

Additional Information

Additional Information

amount of seeds 100 pieces