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100 Samen Echte Myrte, Myrtus communis - weiß

Myrtus communis seeds


Myrtus communis is a shrub whose native habitat is the Mediterranean Sea. It is also referred by other common names such as Common myrtle, Myrtle, True myrtle, Myrte, Echte Myrte and German myrte. It belongs to the family Myrtaceae and genus Myrtus.
The plant grows in a small tree of a 6m tall and forms a bush. The plant has aromatic leaves that are dark green and with a sweet fragrance. The plant grows well in moist places so that it does not get spoiled by the pests.
Myrtus communis blooms to produce white flowers which if the plant is mature produces small edible fruits that are berry-like and dark green in colour. Myrtus communis has thin evergreen leaves. In most cases, these leaves are a good browse to both domestic and wild animals. The leaves do produce a fragrance as the plant blooms. The plant can be pruned often while growing to reduce its bushy vegetation. Though, to ensure beautiful blossom, its leaves should not be cut off after May. The plant cannot stand the logged water and should be kept moist all the time. The fruit of this plant has seeds that can be planted to germinate in about two weeks.
Myrtus communis fertilises itself through pollination done by the insects. This is because it has both the male and female organs. Its nectar and sweet fragrance as it blooms attract the insects.
Myrtus communis plant is mostly used for seasoning foods. Also, the branches of this plant are said to be a symbol of fertility, vital, all outlasting love and lasting marriages. For this reason, the branch of this plant was used by the ancient Romans during the wedding in the bride decoration. The leaves of this plant could bring the sweet fragrance if the tree was blooming and the beauty of the bride was escalated by the white flowers and the dark green leaves. The plant is also said to be used for medication, though, the treatment of its remedy is not specific.
Myrtus communis is, however, having some myths of being dedicated to the love goddess and that is said to be the main reason why they were used in weddings. The Farmers of this plant sell it to people who use it since it is a rare plant. Myrtus communis has a very long life span if the surrounding temperatures are suitable all the time. It is however affected by pets if the temperatures are so warm and die if the temperatures are so cold.


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