seeds of Abies Nordmanniana, Nordmann Fir Origin: Tschemtschugi

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Abies Nordmanniana Samen
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Abies nordmanniana also called Abies leioclada or Abies nordmanniana f. aurea is one among many fir species. The origins of this fir tree can be traced to the Mountains that can be found to the Southern and Eastern parts of the Black Sea. The areas in question are located in Georgia, Turkey and the Russia Caucasus where they grow to the present day. This type of fir tree is commonly called the Caucasian fir or Nordmann fir. Abies nordmanniana mostly grows in mountainous regions at altitudes ranging from 900m to 2200m. The tree grows to a height of between 51 and 61 metres when mature. Nevertheless, some trees have been reported to grow as high as 85m. The trees have a trunk diameter of 2m and needle-like leaves that are 2mm wide, 3.5 cm long and 0.5 mm thick. The cones have scales that number between 150 and 200. Each cone is 4-5 cm in width and 10 cm to 20 cm long. Abies nordmanniana is one of the most popular tree species that are used during the holiday season to make Christmas trees. Their popularity derives from the fact that their leaves aren’t as prickly as other tree types. An additional advantage is that the leaves aren’t readily shed once the tree starts to dry up. The trees also serve an ornamental function in many parks where they make for beautiful scenery. Abies nordmanniana has also been a handy plant in many reforestation efforts conducted in Europe. Such efforts are usually conducted in areas that have weather conditions that are conducive to the rapid growth of this fir. The soft wood provided by Abies nordmanniana can be used as construction material and for making paper. The Caucasian fir takes over ten years to reach its maximum height at which point it will be mature.
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