Acer griseum, Paperbark Maple seeds

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Acer griseum Paperbark maple


Titled with the scientific name Acer griseum the paperbark maple belongs to the family of Sapindaceae. Its native range is Central China and today it is going to be a favored ornamental plant in Europe. In 1899 it was brought from China to England by E. H. Wilson, where it spreads to some botanical gardens in Europe.

It is just a small tree or a huge shrub with a size of five to twelve meters in high and to five meters in width. The treetop grows in a size of a funnel; hence the shadow of this tree is dense. These trees are growing very slow with just ten to twenty centimeters per year. The ornamentally blossoms greenish to yellow colored and appear from April to May in clusters of drooping cymes after growth of the leaves. The leaves grow trifoliate with three coarsely toothed leaflets. Above they have a dark green color and beneath they are frosty blue-green colored. The fruits are typical maple-like fruits with wings to be spread. The fall color of the leaves lasts from October to November with a spectacular play of colors from bright orange to carmine colors. The bark of this tree is eponymous for the tree, because it peels into large curls which remain on the trees. They appear cinnamon reddish to brown and look like cinnamon sticks. The roots grow near the surface.

It should be situated in full sun to part shade with medium watered soil. As frosty hard plant it is suitable for yards or terraces. Avoid drought or dammed-up water! The soil should be kept fresh and loosely, sandy or loamy soils lead to a great result. Avoid cutting the tree.

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