Aconitum hemsleyanum 'Red Wine', 20 RARE seeds

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Aconitum hemsleyanum 'Red Wine' seeds



Aconitum hemsleyanum is an herbaceous climbing plant belonging hemsleyanum species, and Ranunculaceae family. In the urban dictionary, it’s named as Aconite, wolfsbane or monkshood. It has synonyms such as same as Aconitum hsiae, aconitum lonchodontum, aconitum austroyunnanense and Aconitum crassicaule. Plant origin is not clear but can be traced to eastern part of Asia and west China.


Red wineis a unique climbing plant that produces twining stems at the early stage to enable the plant to climb the nearby vegetation. The plant grows up to a height of 1.5 meters with leaves that are pleasant green like maple. The lobes are deep with up to 7 segments. Heads of flowers produced are conspicuous in colour. The flowers grow up to 2cm tall then they change to form clusters. These occur mostly during late summer and autumn. Bees are the main agents of pollination.


Seeds are dispersed once they are ripe. An enclosed cold transparent roof is recommended to enhance the seeds. Germination takes a longer time until seedlings become strong enough for pricking. Aconitum hemsleyanum prefers well-drained fertile soil with appropriate maintenance. Pruning untidy, old vegetation regularly is recommended to keep the plant healthy.


Aconitum hemsleyanum is used for both ornamental and medicinal purposes. The plant roots were traditionally used in China as herbal remedy for various ailments. The root of the plant is said to be analgesic with cardiotonic, stimulant and vasodilator properties. Gardeners find red wine convenient as a climbing plant for decorations due to its bright flowers.





These seeds need a stratification first, meaning that they have to be treated with cold for several weeks. This can easily be done by planting them directly into your garden at autumn and then they'll start to germinate in spring.

Second option is just simulating the winter season by putting seeds, together with some soil, into the fridge for about 4-6 weeks.

Third option is a treatment with GA3 (Gibberellic acid) for about 6 hours. Then they can be planted directly. Instructions for GA3 usage can be found in the item description of this phytohormone right here in my store.


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