Adenathera microsperma

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Adenathera microsperma seeds


Adenanthera microsperma belongs to the Mimosa in the family of the Fabaceae, the legumes. Adenanthera microsperma is native to Indonesia and was introduced to the flora of India. Andenanthera microsperma grows as a tree and reaches a height of about 20 m. The treetop is big and wide. Therefore Adenanthera is sometimes used as shading tree in plantages. The tree has sometimes buttress roots. The leaves are bipinnate. The leaflets are paired, there is no single leaflet at the end of the leaf. The leaflets are elliptic and round at the apex. They are slightly pubescent.

Adenanthera microsperma is not evergreen and the leaves change color to yellow before they fall to the ground. The flowers are inconspicuous small and creamy to yellow in color. They are clustered in beautiful filigree inflorescences and have a very pleasant odor. The wood of Adenanthera microsperma is resistant to decay and herbivores like insects and fungi. The wood is reddish or yellowish brown. Due to its good properties the wood was used to build houses or bridges. Sometimes it was also used as fire wood, but this is totally nonsense regarding the properties of the wood. In Indonesia also substances from the bark are used for tanning of animal skin. In Europe Adenanthera microsperma is mainly used as an ornamental plant. The fruits of Adenanthera microsperma are long, brown and curled pods. They contain shiny red seeds. The seeds are about 1 cm in diameter and are used for decoration because of the nice color and form. Sometimes one makes necklace from the beautiful seeds.

In former times the seeds were used in India to weight gold. Four seeds are about one gram. The raw seeds are poisonous if one eats it. Before planting the seeds, they should be threatened with hot water. After that they can be planted into the substrate. In the constantly moist substrate germination occurs at a temperature of about 20°C after just one week.

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