Agastache rugosa seeds

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Agastache rugosa seeds

Agastacha rugosa belongs to the family of the Laminaceae. It is native to East Asia. In Europe is it mainly cultivated as concomitant shrub near roses, because it has a very long blooming period (July to September). In addition it attracts many bees and butterflies.
A. rugosa grows as a shrub that get 60 to 90 cm high, rarely higher. It has a very bushy habit and is only green in summer.
The leaves are heart shaped, pubescent and the venation is clearly visible. The leaves smell like mint and are used for tea. Sometimes it is mixed with melissa because A. rugosa has a intensive taste. In its native countries the plant is known since 500 after Chr. as a medical plant. It was mainly used for problems with the stomach or other intestinal problems. Beside that it was also used for aromatizing food and drinks.
The flowers are zygomorphic, they have a upper lip and a bottom lip. They are blue violet in color and stand in inflorescences, like it is known from the common mullein. The inflorescences which are out of bloom can be as well quite decorative. The fruits include the small, 2 mm long, dark brown seeds. If one plants A. rugosa in groups it looks much better than just one plant.


The seeds of A. rugosa germinate at a temperature of 20 °C after 1 to 2 weeks. The substrate should have a pH of about 7. A substrate that is sandy- clayey or gritty- clayey is the best. A. rugosa likes places that are semi- shady or sunny. A. rugosa is winter hardy until a temperature of minus 12 °C. Nevertheless one should protect the plant if one wants to keep it outside all year. If one cuts the flowers after the first blooming period it can lead to another blooming period.

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