15 seeds Agave americana, Common aloe

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Seeds of Agave americana, American aloe




Agave Americana has common names such as sentry plant, bear grass, xerophytic plant, century plant, mague or American aloe. It belongs to the family Asparagaceae, sub family agavoidae, genus Agave. The synonyms are Agave cantala and Nolina microcarpa. It is native to Mexico and the United States but has been grown throughout the world. In some parts, it has become naturalized. It can grow in different environmental conditions and a wide range of areas. It can tolerate high temperatures, extreme drought, wind and salt. It can grow in places with very low soil fertility and in the sand.

It is a large and stemless plant. It is succulent and has leaves that grow up to 2m high. The leaves are green in colour and fleshy. The edges of the leaves are serrated with sharp hooks and are spear-like in shape. The hooks help the plant in preventing predators from eating it or using it a water source. It has branched flowers at the top of the stalk. Flowers are yellow and grow in summer. The flowers are pendulous and have yellow tubular corolla. The plant can access better minerals in the soil by forming arbuscular mycorrhiza. The leaves have stomata that open at night. The plant has a very short stem that makes it appear like a stemless plant. The plant has a rhizome root system that is shallow and is designed the plant capture moisture efficiently from rain, dew and condensation. The leaves store water and are very important for plant survival. The leaf is coated and hence prevents loss of water through evaporation.

The juice extracted from common aloe has been used for a long time in the treatment of wounds and snake bites. The antibacterial properties present in juice have been used to control the growth of decay bacteria in the stomach. Ancient people used the spikes from the leaves for sewing. The flowers can be eaten during the final season. The stem can be chewed, which is like sugarcane. The leaves are a good source of fibre and can be collected in winter and spring. The leaves have been used in making spirits by distilling boiled or mashed juice. Agave nectar is used as a sweetener in place of sugar. It can be sold to factories to be used as a raw material in the manufacture of fructans.


Growing from seeds:

seeds need light to germinate, dont cover them with soil! Just sprinkle them on surface of cactii soil and press them gently onto it.

keep a little moist and warm until germination starts

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