Aji charapita Chili pepper seeds, most expensive pepper of the world

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aji charapita
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Aji charapita chili pepper seeds

Chili Aji charapita is a bushy plant also known as Tettinas de Monk, Charapilla and Peruvian Chili Pepper. The plant is native Peru but has been recently cultivated commercially. It has been recognized across the globe for its hotness. The heat ranges from 30,000 to 50,000 Scoville heat units.

The plant produces small round peppers. The fruit has a strong aroma resembling that of citrus. The chili Aji charapita is green when immature before graduating into yellow on maturity. Even though the plant was initially found in bushes it has produced thousands of very hot 0.25 inch round peppers that have reached the world market.

Chili Aji charapita can be useful in various ways for instance, the ripe fruit is pierced or squeezed to release juice used as piquant fishing spice on food. Apart from its heat the plant aromatic taste is irresistible to any dish as well as many other health benefits. The species contain capasaicinoids the components responsible to heat in chilies which useful in improving digestion and circulation in the body.

The hot chili sauce from Charapita is locally made in the cities of northern Peru and ingredients are easily available from the surrounding communities. The chilli of the plant is much-loved addition and is widely accepted in many recipes such as making of fish, chicken and rice.

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