seeds of Akebia quinata, Chocolate Vine

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Akebia quinata Samen
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Akebia quinata, commonly called the chocolate vine, is a shrub species of the family Lardizabalaceae. The vine’s synonym is Rajania quinata. Other common plant names include five-leaf chocolate akebia and five-leaf chocolate vine. Akebia quinata has its origins in China, Korea, and Japan. Successful naturalization has led to the cultivation of the plant all over the globe. Akebia quinata is a fast-growing climber and can attain a height of 10 metres. Each leaf has five leaflets, and each flower is scented and part of a cluster of racemes. The plant being monoecious has flowers of different sexes on the same plant. Nevertheless, the plant isn’t self-fertile. The plant bears sausage-shaped fruits which contain pulp. Each fruit has a length of 5 to 10 cm and a width of 4 cm. The edible pulp present in the fruit is a popular delicacy in Japan. The fruit’s flavour is sweet and juicy with a soft texture. The rind has a slightly bitter taste but has its admirers who use it in a variety of dishes. One way of cooking the rind is through stuffing it with meat before frying it. The fruit’s skin may be bitter but frying it helps to improve the taste. In addition to the plant’s young shoots serving as a great addition to salads, they are also ideal for pickling. The plant’s weaves can be used to weave baskets. Akebia quinata is considered an invasive species is three states in the United States namely Michigan, Georgia and Massachusetts. Akebia quinata grows best in soils that are neither overly acidic nor overly alkaline. Soils of neutral pH are also ideal. The plant also prefers slightly sandy soils, moderately loamy soils or heavy clay soils. Akebia quinata is capable of growing in places with maximum sunlight, slight shade, and full shade.
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