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Aleppo Chilli Pepper seeds


Aleppo Chilli, also known as Halaby Pepper or Aleppo Pepper, is a conspicuous variety of the pepper species Capsicum Annum. This burgundy-coloured pepper is named after the city of Aleppo in Northern Syria next to the Turkish border. Aleppo being the place this type of pepper originated from before spreading throughout the Middle East, the Mediterranean and other parts of the world. Aleppo is a tender plant that achieves a height of 45.72 cm at maturity. Upon maturity, the plant delivers pale green peppers which change to brick-red when they ripen. Once they ripen, the pods are dried halfway through and de-seeded before being either ground or crushed.

The end result is a condiment whose flavour is richly aromatic. Aleppo chilli offers an inter-mingling of tart, some fruity sweetness with a slight smoky quality. The fruity element of Aleppo chilli usually takes the lead before being accompanied by a spicy kick. A glance at the Scoville scale indicates that Aleppo chilli registers an average reading of 10,000 which is rather modest when compared to the most popular spices. Aleppo pepper is a great ingredient for use in hot sauces, salsas and various egg dishes. Allepo chilli takes up to 80 days to reach maturity and can be expected to provide fruit for the span of a year before another batch is planted in its place. 


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