Allium ursinum, wild garlic, buckrams, 100 seeds

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 Allium ursinum seeds, Wild Garlic,  Wood Garlic, Ramsoms


Allium ursinum, also known as wood garlic, ramsoms, leek or bear’s garlic belongs to the family Amaryllidaceae, sub family of Alliodeae under genius allium. It is the same as Allium nemorale salisb and allium ursonoides, among others. The emergence of this wild species can be traced to Europe and part of Asia. It is however widely spread across temperate regions of eastern Britain, Europe to parts of Russia.

Wild garlic portrays similarities with normal garlic; however, it is less strong and edible like a hint. Reproduction is primarily by seeds. Lamina of the leaves appear dissected, evergreen and forms elliptic shape up to 25cm by 7cm broad. A stalk attached to the stem is 20 cm long. The plant produces up to 20 white in colour flowers produced from auxiliary buds. The flowers are characterised by a white star-like, with six unclassified outer parts. In the north western coast of Europe, flowers are produced from early April to late June. Peduncle of the plant forms a triangular cross-section with broad leaves similar to those of canvallaria majalis.

The most considerable about wild garlic are their flowers and leaves. The bulb is considered bitter hence is not suitable for consumption. Wild garlic bulb-raw or cooked can be consumed locally as food. Raw or cooked leaves have shown an overpowering distinctive smelling garlic which dissipates on cooking moreover it adds taste to salads. Juice extracted is used to facilitate weight loss and applied in the treatment of arthritic joints and rheumatic. Broad garlic (ramsons) is used to treat stomach ache at times it can be used in as diarrhoea therapy.

Allium ursinum can be cultivated in light loamy soil, with an appropriate soil Ph and a low infiltration capacity. Growth of bulb has an average of 0.3 m by 0.3m. The plant exhibits hermaphrodite characteristics and is insect pollinated. Rich, moist soil is best preferred for proper growth. Protection from direct sunlight is necessary, especially deep woodland areas where it is particularly susceptible. Seeds are dispersed immediately it gets ripe in an enclosed transparent roof. 

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