Aloe polyphylla - Spiral Aloe seeds, RARE

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Aloe polyphylla seeds

This eye-catching but rare succulent plant is an endangered species. The spiral aloe has – as the name already tells us – leaves ordered in a spiral-like statement. The scientific name Aloe polyphylla also has a concise meaning: The Greek word `poly´ means many and `phylla´ is the word for leaves. These plants belong to the asphodel family (Asphodeloideae) and have their origin and natural habitat in South Africa. There they can be found in the Maluti Mountains in the west of Lesotho in heights of 2250 to 2500 meters. The stem is very short or completely missing. Leaves can reach a number of 150 ordered clockwise or counter-clockwise. The leaves are bordered with tiny pinnacles typical for Aloe plants. Leaves can grow up to thirty centimeters and have rufous tips. Inflorescences are fifty to sixty centimeters long with three to eight branches. Along these branches the light to salmon pink flowers are ordered in racemes. The plant reaches its full size after five or six years. When beginning the second year of live, the plant starts with spiraling the leaves. This allows a maximum light exposure for each leave to collect the sun. The cold temperatures in the mountains of Lesotho allow these plants to resist against cold temperatures. Old plants are winter hardy, but younger plants should be kept save from snow and frost. The soil should be consistent and well-aerated, even during the summer months. The soils should be free of lime and a mixture of potting soil, sand and pumice or lava rock seems the best solution for potting these plants so far.

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