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Roma Tomato seeds


Roma tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) also called Lycopersicon esculentum, is a hybrid tomato variety original to the United States. Roma tomatoes are a cross between the San Marzano and the Pan American Tomato. It is a widely held view that San Marzano was brought into the United States by Italian immigrants. Leading producers of this tomato variety include China, USA, France and Spain. The fruit is egg-shaped, elongated and can reach lengths of 3 inches when mature. Roma tomatoes have a thin skin that adopts a bright red hue when the tomatoes are ripe.

The fruit is fleshy and houses a few seeds. What’s more, Roma tomatoes have relatively low levels of moisture but high acidic and sugar content. Roma tomatoes are sweet to the taste and are ideal for making either sauce of paste. The low levels of moisture in the fruit make it lack the juiciness that can hinder the effective preparation of a thick sauce. Moreover, the sweetness of the tomatoes substantially increases when they are cooked. Roma tomatoes can, therefore, be employed in the making of salads, soups and salsas. The fact that Roma tomato plants are indeterminate guarantees that the fruit will all ripen at the same time. Thus a farmer has the guarantee of getting a high yield in one instant. One can expect to wait 75-90 days for the plant to mature after transplanting.


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