seeds of Amaranthus tricolor, Edible Amaranth

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Amaranthus tricolor, also called edible amaranth, is a plant species of the family Amaranthaceae. The plant’s synonyms include Amaranthus amboinicus, Amaranthus dubius and Amaranthus flexuosus. Common names for the plant include bireum, callaloo, and tampala. Amaranthus tricolor may be native to South America, but different varieties of the species grow in different parts of the world. Amaranthus tricolor is an upright multi-branched plant that grows to a height of up to 125 cm. The plant has smooth and stout stems and branches which have spirally-arranged simple leaves. The inflorescence comprises of terminal spikes that occasionally have a mix of male and female flowers. The flowers are deep purple and unisexual. Wind is, more often than not, the agent responsible for effecting pollination. The leaves of the plant are not only edible but a delicacy in both Japan and large swaths of Africa. One can either use the leaves in making a salad or cook them as vegetables. Japanese people prefer to either steam or stir-fry it. Koreans, on the other hand, appreciate the leaves earthy flavour and eat it together with traditional seasonings. Koreans don’t bother to cultivate the plant given it occurs naturally in the wild in large numbers. Amaranthus tricolor is a rich source of green and yellow dye. One can obtain the dye from any part of the plant. The plant also serves as a good ornamental plant owing to its striking leaves and beautiful flowers. One can, therefore, expect to find the plant in parks, gardens, and places that are undergoing a beautification process. Amaranthus tricolor doesn’t have a long lifespan given a plant reaches senescence after 4 months and dies afterward. One can, however, prolong the plant’s life by constantly picking it. Amaranthus tricolor is a tropical plant and, thus, prefers plenty of sunlight and well-drained fertile soils.
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