Amelanchier rotundifolia seeds

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Amelanchier rotundifolia
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Amelanchier rotundifolia (Syn.: A. ovalis) seeds


Amelanchier rotundifolia is also referred by common names such as snowy Mespilus and Helvetica by the Dutch. Its synonym is Amelanchier ovalis Medik. It is a rare draft shrub that is relatively small compared to other plants in its genus, Amelanchier. It is less bushy but has a branching habit. Helvetica grows to a length of about 140cm and shares the same family as roses. Because it is a small plant, it is suitable for small gardens. Amelanchier rotundifolia grows at normal temperature and can slightly withstand the harsh conditions. The plant, however, takes a long time, bout 3 years to grow and bear fruits. It also has a relatively long life span.

Helvetica plant has broad oval leaves that change in colour depending on the season and ends with a bronze colour. The leaves discolour with stunning colour in the fall. The lower side of the leaves is always hairy, but they disappear in summer. On blooming, the plant produces a medium sized large white flower. The blooms occur in April, forms flowers in May and bear seeds in July. Amelanchier rotundifolia fruit is red before it can ripe and turns to blue-black upon ripening. The stem of this plant is smooth and light grey. The plant can stand and survive harsh weather conditions too.
Amelanchier ovalis is a plant that has both the male and the female organs. Because of this, it fertilises itself through pollination enabled by the insects, specifically bees. Its stunning flowers invite the insects to its nectar.

The fruits produced by the Amelanchier rotundifolia plant are edible by humans both in its raw form and when cooked. It is a non-toxic plant. This is because it is juicy and has a sweet flavour, though not so palatable. The fruit can also be used for preservation purposes. Amelanchier ovalis plant also acts as a source of wood. The birds eat this fruit and can even strip them all before they can ripen. The fruit from this plant is said to be rich in copper and Iron. The medical uses of this plant are not known; some people use it for preserves. The wood from this tree is strong, compact, hard and heavy. It can, therefore, be used in making tool handles and other small materials. Helvetica plant can also be used in hedgerows. The plant is normally non-commercial since it is very scarce.

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