Amelanchier utahensis, Utah Serviceberry seeds

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Amelanchier utahensis
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Amelanchier utahensis seeds


Amelanchier utahensis is a North Americans native tree. It belongs to family Rosaceae and genus Amelanchier. It has common names such as Utah serviceberry and Coville's serviceberry. Its synonyms include A. prunifolia and A. rubescens. Utah serviceberry is nearly close to A. alnifolia and has a free crossbreed with the other members. It is a small tree plant that spreads to reach a maximum height of about 5m tall and 5 inches wide. Utah serviceberry grows in several habitats most of which are open, sloppy and rocky. It resists drought very well. It can be found in forests and woodland too.

Utah serviceberry has a recurring life span because it reproduces through sprouting from the root. Amelanchier utahensis is a deciduous plant that bears round and tooth-like shaped leaves that has coarsely margins on the upper blade. The leaves are always green and are kept so till the end of the season when they are lost. From April to May, Utah serviceberry blooms white flowers that have narrow and wide spaced petals. The plant produces fruits that are black and dry in most cases. The fruit is often eaten by birds even before it can be completely ripe because of its sweet and juicy nature. When the fruit dries completely, it results in a reddish brown seed that is 4.0mm in size. Utah serviceberry is limited and cannot grow in wet areas that are often clogged with water.
Utah serviceberry species has both the female and male parts and is majorly pollinated by the bees. For this reason, the plant fertilizes itself. The plant is often noticed where Saskatoon serviceberry is available.

Utah serviceberry tree provides a hard, strong and heavy wood that is used in the making of basket rims and used for fire drill spindle. The stem of the tree is also used to make snowshoes because it is soft and light. The Utah serviceberry fruit is consumed when ripe by both animals and human. Though taking the berry of the plant as food is not suitable for human consumption if the preparation rules are not followed. The leaf of this plant is a palatable browse of domestic and wild animals. The tree gives a great feed in early spring and late winter because, at this time, the plant needs to lose its leaves for early blooms. The plant gives cover to the ground to protect the watersheds too. Utah serviceberry also has limited uses for fuel with its branches used in bow making.

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