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Ancho Chilli Pepper seeds


Ancho, also called Chile Ancho, refers to the dried version of Poblano pepper original to the Mexican state of Puebla. Poblano is one of the varieties of pepper plants that fall under the species Capsicum annum. Ancho is immensely popular in both Mexico and the South-western part of the United States where it serves as the condiment of choice for millions of people. The Poblano is a bushy plant with a number of stems which grow to a maximum height of 64 cm. Unripe Poblano fruits tend to have a purplish-greenish hue which turns to dark red once they ripen.

The ripe Poblanos are then dried to form Ancho chiles which develop a distinct sweet taste as a consequence. Once the Ancho chiles have been sufficiently ground up to a fine powder, they can be freely used when cooking. Ancho chiles deliver both sweetness and heat which is accompanied by a smoky flavour similar to that of resins. The ground pepper can be used in making sour cream, spice rubs and enchilada sauce. Great measures have to be taken to create the ideal weather and soil conditions to guarantee healthy growth and high yields. Harvesting can be done 65 days after the seeds have been planted.


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