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Antidesma acidum is a plant species that belongs to the genus Antidesma and the family Phyllanthaceae. The plant’s synonyms include Antidesma diandrum, Antidesma diandrum var. javanicum, and Antidesma lanceolarium. Antidesma acidum has a native range that extends from India through South Central China to Vietnam and Cambodia. Antidesma acidum is a large shrub that can grow to a height of 10 metres and attain a bole diameter of 10 cm. The plant has hairy obovate leaves and both male and female flowers that grow on different plants. Fertilization will, therefore, require two different plants. Male flowers have 2 stamens while female flowers have an obovoid ovary that has 2 ovules. Fertilization results in a drupe that has a length of 6cm. The drupes might be small, but the fact that they occur in clusters make them easy to harvest. The plant’s leaves are a popular vegetable in Asia and serve as a useful addition to several cuisines. The drupes are edible as well and share the same bitter taste present in the leaves. The advantage of harvesting the leaves is that one can easily store them for later use. Antidesma acidum is valued by communities that live in its native habitats for its medicinal properties. One can supposedly count on the plant’s remedies to treat dysentery, pneumonia, sores and muscular pains. Antidesma acidum grows best in the tropics where the soils are moist and fertile and a distinct dry season exists. The plant is capable of growing in a variety of soil types. Examples include red volcanic soils, sandy and gravelly soils, lateritic soils as well as soils one can find on top of granite or limestone. The plant’s versatility also extends to pH given it can grow in slightly acidic and slightly basic soils. Soils that are neutral are also ideal.
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