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The common names are Pumpkin Golden Hubbard, Pum kin Genesse or Red Hubbard. It belongs to the family Cucurbitaceae, genus Cucurbita and species Maxima. Its scientific name is Cucurbita maxima. The subspecies are C. maxima subsp. Andreana and C. maxima subsp. Maxima. The synonyms are Cucumis rapallito carrere, Cucumis zapallito Carriere, Cucurbita farina Mozz. Ex Naudin, Cucurbita maxima var. trioba Millan.


It originated from Central and South America and has been grown all over the world. It is believed that William Warnock grew the selected seeds in 1900. The plant is grown directly into the soil at a depth of 2cm during spring or after frost. It needs a spacing of 120cm. It takes 110 to 130 days to mature or produce fruit. The plant does not tolerate frost. The fruit is harvested when the vine has dried. It requires well-drained moist soils in a place where there is full sun. It does not need to be transplanted; hence, it is sown directly into the soil. It can be grown in places with prolonged summer. It does not tolerate very low temperatures. Grows well where there are well-drained nutrient-rich soils in warm temperatures.


It has an almost round shape. The fruit is bright orange in colour and orange flesh that is very thick. The fruit measure 50 to 200 pounds. The fruit has a round shape which is slightly flattened. It is an annual plant that bears yellow flowers from June to July. They do not have the flavour and texture that the smaller pumpkins have. The skin is rough and ribbed. It grows up to 51cm in diameter in ideal growing conditions. The seed has a cream colour with a mild semi-sweet flavour when cooked and are also dry and fibrous. It is pollinated by insects or by the birds; however it can be pollinated mechanically by humans in places where pollinating insects are not present. The plant has male and female flowers on the same plant.


It is used for pies and in Halloween decorations. The flesh is used for cunning and freezing though they are cumbersome. They are usually grown for exhibition purposes because of the large sizes they can also be used for ornamental purposes because they have a shape that is almost like the balloon. It is good for human health since it has Vitamin A, magnesium, beta-carotene and some of the antioxidants. They are edible and can be cooked and eaten just like the smaller pumpkins. 


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