seeds of Bishop's Croown Chili Peppers

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Bishop's Crown Chilli Pepper seeds


Bishop’s crown (Capsicum baccatum var. pendulum) is a pepper indigenous to Barbados and parts of South America. Bishop’s crown also goes by the name Christmas Bell, Joker’s Hat, Peri Peri and Pimenta Cambuci, Friar’s Hat among other names. The unique name this pepper possesses is derived from the fact that its shape resembles a bishop’s crown. Initially limited to the Americas, Bishop’s Crown was later introduced to Europe by Portuguese adventurers where it flourished. Bishop’s Crown can grow to a height of 120 cm which makes it larger than most pepper plants.

The plant is also compact which guarantees it can easily be grown in a pot where the soil and weather conditions can be easily controlled to facilitate maximum yields. The pods have a wrinkled surface and a flat-winged shape that makes them resemble miniature flying saucers. Bishop’s Crown is fruity and mild in taste, especially at the wings. The flavour is reminiscent of apple which makes it a great addition to both salads and salsas. The amount of space offered by the pepper also opens up some stuffing opportunities. Bishop’s Crown registers between 5000 and 30,000 Scoville heat units. Bishop’s Crown grows and matures is 120 days. Each plant grows between 30 to 50 pods, and one can expect to harvest them all if the plant is healthy. 

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