50 seeds of Capparis spinosa, Caper bush

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Capparis spinosa, Caper bush seeds


Capparis spinosa is an evergreen shrub that grows to a height of 1m tall. The plant belongs to the capparaceae family. The plant’s synonyms include Capparis aculeata Steud, Capparis microphylla Ledeb, Capparis murrayi Stewart ex Dalz and Capparis ovalis Risso. Other common names include flinders rose, common caper, caper and caper bush. Capparis spinosa grows well inwell-drained and moist areas with the dull sun. The plant can moderately withstand the harsh cold weather conditions. The plant is native to Australia and Southern Eurasia. It is widely spread in rocky areas.

The caper bush is widely known for its edible flower buds. The plant blooms to produce white flowers with pale purple stamen. The flowers of the plant last for a day but bloom continuously from May to early autumn. The flowers have a nice smell with four sepal and four white-pink petals. The buds of the plant are often picked to be used as flavour addictive. The plant bears edible fruits with multiple seeds. The plant has round ovate leaves that are dark green. The leaves are alternate, shiny and thick. The leaf stipules do develop to a sharp hooked spine at the base of the petiole. The caper bush is sensitive to very cold weather condition during the blooming period and can die. Otherwise, the plant can survive other weather condition. 

The Capparis spinosa plant is hermaphrodite. This is because it has both the male and the female organs. The plant, therefore, has self-fertilisation through pollination enabled by the insects or wind. The plant produces nectar that attracts insects and some birds.

The unopened buds of the caper bush are frequently picked before they can open up, mostly in the morning, washed with salt added or vinegar sprinkled to be used as a pungent flavour addictive in several foods like salads, butter fish, pizza and meat. The buds need to be picked while young to ensure they are of good quality. The young leaves and fruits known as caperberries are also picked to be eaten. The root of the plant is used as a cosmetic mainly to treat capillary weakness and rose-coloured rashes. For medicinal purposes, the remedy from caper bush is said to treat diarrhoea, rheumatism and gout. The bark of the plant needs to be harvested in autumn and dried later to be effective. The herbs of the plant can maximise appetite if taken before meals. The decoction of the plant can be used to treat vaginal thrush. The plant is a good browse for animals too.


Cultivation from seeds is easy, just let them soak with water for about 24 hours, then plant about 2-5mm deep and keep moist and warm for about 3-5 weeks.

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