Carica microcarpa ssp. baccata, 20 seeds

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Carica microcarpa ssp. baccata seeds


Carica microcarpa ssp. Baccata, also known as a melon tree, pawpaw tree or bisexual tree is a large succulent fruit plant of carica papaya belonging to Caricaceae family. Synonyms include Carica bourgeaui solms,carica cubensis solms,carica hermaphrodite blanco and carica papaya var among others. The origin remains unclear however the early fusion of carica native species was spotted in parts of Central America and Mexico. Today the species is widely cultivated in warmest parts of subtropics.

Melonenbaum plant resembles a palm trunk and grows up to 8 metres tall. The plant is not woody and bears deeply crowned lobed leaves of up to 60cm in length. It also bears hollow leaf stalks of 60 cm long. This type of species is said to be dioecious; separate plants produce male and female flowers. Flowers, especially male flowers form in clusters; they are funnel-shaped and 2.5mm long. Throat contains 10 stamens. Female flowers are substantially larger with leaf axils which are often solitary. Petals are fleshy united at the base. Ovaries are cylindrical at the base. Fruits form cylindrical and are 75 to 500mm, with an average weight of 9 to 11.5kg.

Seeds are grown to obtain papayas. This plant has shown a rapid growth unlike other species fruits and matures before the end of every first year. Under favourable conditions, Melonenbaum plant may live for more than five years. In the 1940s a virus known as ringspot hit Hawaiian plantation for the first time and almost wiped out all papaya crops worldwide. The early 2000s genetically modified papaya was developed to fight the virus.

Papaya is an edible fruit. It is a dessert fruit suitable for breakfast. It is also used in the preparation of fruit salads, candies and as soft drinks refresher. The fresh juice from fruits can also be used to relieve gastrointestinal ailments. The fresh leaf is used in treating sores. A mixture of fresh roots with sugarcane alcohol can be consumed to soothe rheumatism. Decoction extracted from flowers is used in the treatment of asthma and chest colds. Presence of proteolytic enzyme in the latex of papaya has been commercialised and is often the reason the plant is grown under sizeable plantation.

Vegetative propagation of papaya is rarely practised, because scion material is scarce. During the initial stage, weed control is mandatory. Hand weeding, herbicide application and use of cover crops are required to control weeds. Plants need a continuous supply of water. 

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