Carpotroche platyptera, rare seeds

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Carpotroche platyptera


Carpotroche platyptera belongs to the family of the Achariaceae and is native mainly to Costa Rica and Panama, but is distributed all of Centralamerica. C. platyptera is a shrub or a tree and varies much in height from 1m to 8m. It belongs to the under storey of the rainforest. The leaves are elliptic or slightly ovate. The upper side is deep green and glossy; the bottom side seems a little grayish. The venation is clearly visible and regular. The flowers are actinomorphic and are placed directly at the trunk (cauliflory). They are white and sometimes pinkish. There are male and female flowers. Male flowers are clustered in groups while the female ones stand solitary. Fruits as well as flowers are visible the whole year. The fruits are orange or red, rarely white and look just like the Carambola. The fruits of C. platyptera are more round, 6 cm long and 4, 5 cm wide than the Carambolafruits. The fruits open when ripe on the tress and present the seeds that lay in a white pulp.

The seeds should be put in warm water before sowing. Afterwards they can be planted 1 cm deep into the soil. The seeds should be kept moist, but not wet. A high atmospheric humidity is also good for the plant. C. platyptera should be placed warm and light (up to 30°C). Germination occurs after 4 to 8 weeks.

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