Carrot seeds Amsterdamse bak 2

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Karottensamen Amsterdamse bak 2
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Carrot seeds Amsterdamse bak 2



Carrot- Amsterdam bak2 amfine (halflong summer) is a great selection of summer carrots that is popular in France. It’s one of the earliest types of carrots, also known by name scoop root or ‘premeur carrot.’ Being one of the old remaining varieties of the early carrots species, the origin remains unknown; the researchers put it as one of the horticulture crops that was consumed in France before its distribution globally.

Amsterdam Bak 2 is one of the best summer plant species. It bears cylindrical roots. It is also a variety that does well in loosening rich soil. The species remains one of the good growing carrots that produce juice. Propagation can be done annually from February through June. Excess plants are removed until they are 5 cm apart. The plant bears few flowers and several branches that form a compound umbel comprising of up to 50 umbellets.

The plant produces bright orange roots with a delicious sweet flavour. The height ranges from 12 to 15 cm long. Sowing is highly recommended to be done thinly in rows; however, once the plant emerges out, thinness is eliminated. Soil should be kept moist during the growing season, after emergence the plant is recommended to be covered with insect gauze for protection against the larva of the root fly.

The carrot is edible and is treated not only as fruit but also a vegetable. Roots can be consumed when raw, cooked or when in combination with other ingredients of the soup. Leaves are also edible and treated as food vegetable but are rarely consumed by humans. Carrots are rich in carotene that is good for liver functions. It is also rich in vitamin A compounds that are good for human health. Moreover, the carrot root is good for people who suffer from night blindness.


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