Carrot seeds, Nantes 2

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Karottensamen, Nantes 2 Möhre
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Nantes 2 Carrot seeds



Daucus carota subsp.sativus is popularly known as ‘Nantes 2.’ It refers to a fast-maturing carrot selection from the family of apiaceous. Nantes carrots were originally established in Nantes, France. Earlier domestication was also done in Afghanistan; they were cultivated for purple roots. The plant has widely distributed to parts of the UK due to its nature of feathery leaves and colourful roots that are rich in flavour and vitamin.


Nantes was first highlighted in a publication made by Henry Vilmorin family seed in 1885 editions. He stated as a type of carrot characterised by cylindrical root, a red like skin sweet in flavour.


Nantes 2 produces a dull medium size root, orange in colour with a depth formation of 30cm and 15cm over a flat surface. The plant thrives well in well refine soil with a proper ground preparation which is done in months of February to march. Manure applied should at least be stable and on dry ground. The plant is first sown on a greenhouse to provide first crop produce. When the crop is planted outside the greenhouse, sowing seeds in a seedbed is necessary; however, this takes four to five months. Seeds are sprinkled regularly in the middle of the drills along with fine soil. Sand and carrots seed are thoroughly mixed well watered; however, too much water may lead to woody roots. Little or no attention is necessary during plant growth.


Nantes carrots when early sown are mostly ready for harvest around July and sometimes it can extend to September. During harvest best and undamaged roots are uprooted. Carrots are then stored in a cool, dry place occasionally checked, rotten roots are removed before it infects the other roots.


Nantes carrot provides an excellent source of carotenoids rich in vitamins A. The plant is rich in nutrients and the quality is even better when protected from direct sunlight, especially during the last two to three months. It is a common vegetative and is consumed when raw or cooked. Moreover, carrots are best used as affinity crop due to its flavour especially in beef, chicken, cinnamon thyme and tomatoes sauces. Nantes carrot should be planted away from dill, coriander Umbelliferae family to avoid cross-pollination from plant to protect natural seed from extinct.


the The plant thrives well in temperatures ranging from 160c to 180c at times the temperatures rises to 280c hence causes an effect on growth, strengthening the flavour.


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