Lepidium meyenii seeds (syn peruvianum) viable Maca seeds, BLACK TYPE

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seeds of Lepidium meyenii (peruvianum),  Maca BLACK TYPE seeds

Maca is available in several differently coloured variations. I am proud to provide Maca seeds of the yellow, the purple as well as the black type. They can all be found in my store. This listing is for:

Maca seeds of black type which will grow to a black Maca root

Lepidium meyenii belongs to the family of the Brassicaceae. It is also known as Maca. The plant is native to Peru where it occurs in the Andes up to 3800 to 4800 m above sea level. Lepidium meyenii is a perennial, herbaceous plant that reaches a height of just 20 cm. It is so little because in its natural habitat there is much wind and so it is better to stay small. In culture it is threatened as an annual plant.
The leaves are small, narrow and pinnate. They are slightly thick. They are clustered in form of a rosette at the ground. The flowers are small, white and have a pleasant, strong odor. The flowers are actinomorphic, consisting of four flower leaves as it is known from the family of the Brassicaceae. They are hermaphrodites and self pollinated because in their natural habitat the climate is rough and so just few pollinators occur.
The fruit is a shell that contains just one Maca seed. The seeds of Lepidium meyenii are gray to red and only about 2 mm long.
The root is a fleshy hypocotyl. It is oval and reaches 4 cm in diameter. It is yellow in color. The root is very interesting because of the several effects it has. Due to that it is cultivated since 2000 years.
The root can be eaten fresh and includes mainly water, carbohydrates, proteins, lipids but as well iron and calcium. The fresh Maca root is cooked before one eats it. In Europe we mainly know the Maca root in its dried form. In this form it is easier to transport. The Maca powder can be mixed with water or milk so that one gets a mush that can be eaten. The pure powder has a strange taste. Many of the substances the root contains are as well still available in the dried form.

The root of Lepidium meyenii shall have an aphrodisiac effect. This was discovered by farmers in the Andes that observed that their sheeps and goats that have eaten the root of Maca plants were much more willing to reproduce. Due to that Maca is used in medicine for erectile dysfunction by men. A study says that men who were eating Maca produced more sperms than those who did not eat Maca. It also said that women are more fertile when eating Maca. The sexual drive was enhanced in both genders.

Beside the aphrodisiac effect L. meyenii shall also help women in the menopause reducing the various symptoms of it. It is also good for women that have an irregular period. Maca has also an effect that resembles coffee, making people feel fresh and more awake. But unlike coffee, Maca is not addictive. Due to this effect Maca is used against debility and depression. Furthermore it can reduce stress symptoms.
All those effects are not enough documented with studies and so there is ongoing research around Lepidium  meyenii.
Beside the root all other parts of the plant can be eaten as well and were said to be harmless in several studies.

Cultivation of Maca from seeds
Lepidium meyenii tolerates frost. It is one of the most frost tolerant Brassicaceae. The small seeds of Lepidium meyenii should be only covered slightly with substrate but not covered. The substrate should be kept moist at a temperature of 18 to 20 °C. Germination occurs after about a week. Maca can be put outside. It likes sunny or semi- shaded places.

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