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Chantenay Carrot seeds



Chantenay red core carrot is a healthy favourite certified organic plant belonging to Daucus carota species. It is a unique variety that belongs to the Apiaceae family. The origin of this species remains unknown, but past records from seed specialist Louis de vilmorin established French varieties of carrots in places such as Chantenay and Nantes regions that remain to be the origin. This type of carrot later distributed widely to parts of the United States just after the First World War. Currently, chantenay carrots are commercially produced in Michigan, Texas and California.


Chantenay carrots have shown popularity as a home vegetative garden. The plant produces a tapered root which resembles a block 5 to 6-inch-long. It requires heavy, sticky clay soil. It portrays an attractive top height of 20 inches with adaptive characteristics to bees’ butterfly and birds. The plant is adaptable to winter weather and moderate rainfall. The plant tolerates light frosts but needs dry summer shade to keep it tasty.


To prepare for sowing, the soil is adequately prepared three weeks before the time of spring frost a time temperature of up to 450c is required. A well-kept moist soil is recommended to allow optimum germination. Sowing is done directly in a growing site deep and 30cm apart. Growing is often done between April to July. Germination takes 7 to 21 days; and adequate water supply is necessary, once every one week to keep proper growth. Very little or no water may excessively result in hairy roots. For instance, during plantation young bunching carrots are grown with a rate of 45 seeds per 30cm while larger plant seeds are sown at the rate of 30 seeds per 30 cm.


As a result of cross-pollination from carrot varieties such as wild carrots, plant isolation is done for seed and at a distance of 2 miles. Growing the seeds on a freshly manured ground is highly discouraged since this can result in forking of roots.


Due to its natural nutritional values, the fruit is edible, especially when raw and or cooked. Its taste delineates as sweet and crisp. Chantenay carrots produce high carotene and fibre.


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