Chili pepper seeds Anaheim, Capsicum annum

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Anaheim chili pepper seeds


Chili Anaheim belongs to the family of the Solanaceae, the nightshades. Within the family of the Solanaceae, Chili Anaheim is part of the genus Capsicum. The Chili Anaheim is named after the town Anaheim in America, California. The Chili Anaheim is native to New Mexico. Due to that the plant has also the nickname New Mexican. The Chili Anaheim that is cultivated in New Mexico is hotter than the ones cultivated in California. But all in all the Chili Anaheim is a medium hot Chili. It has in average a value from 500 to 2500 Scoville, depending on where it was cultivated. The responsible compound for the sharpness is capsaicin. Chili Anaheim reaches a height of about 1,5 m. Mostly it is smaller and bushy. The leaves are ovate and simple. The flowers are actinomorphic and white, sometimes having a slightly violet color. The fruits are big and taper. They can be harvested green and red. The fruits get 20 cm long. They are medium hot and extremely fleshy. Due to the fact that they are fleshy they are not well suited for drying. If one wants them to dry one should use a desiccation tool. In the kitchen one likes to fill the Chili Anaheim with all kind of delicious stuff. It is well suited for that because it is only medium hot and has much space inside. Sometimes a powder is made from the Chili Anaheim. The seeds are smooth and yellowish.



The seeds of the Chili Anaheim should be put into warm water before planting for 6 h. After that they can be sown 1 cm deep into the substrate. At a tropical temperature of about 26°C and constantly moist substrate, germination occurs after just one week. The Chili Anaheim is not winter hardy. If it is cultivated as an annual plant it can be planted outside in spring. The Chili Anaheim likes sunny places.

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