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Carolina Reaper Chilli Pepper seeds


Carolina Reaper Chocolate is a variant of the world famous Carolina Reaper (Red) which is itself a cultivar of the Capsicum chisense species. Carolina Reaper red was declared the hottest chilli pepper in the globe in 2013 and remains one of the hottest to date. Carolina Reaper Chocolate, like its predecessor, was bred in Rockhill, South Carolina by Ed Currie and shares the same blistering heat. The PuckerButt Pepper Company in South Carolina, run by Ed Currie, has grown the pepper extensively since its creation. Carolina Reaper Chocolate is a bushy plant that grows to a height of 90cm and sprouts white flowers upon maturation. The pods have a wrinkled bumpy surface with a pointed tip at the end. Unripe pods are green but change to a deep brown once they are ripe.

Carolina Reaper Chocolate has a smoky flavour which differentiates it from the Carolina reaper. It also has a floral aroma that blends well with the intense heat which can reach a high of 2,200,000 Scoville heat units. And it is that very heat that makes it ideal for preparing salsas and hot sauces. It takes well over 200 days for the plant to germinate, mature and deliver healthy fruit and some patience will be required. It's critical to give each plant plenty of space, plenty of sunshine and fertile soil with agreeable drainage to glean the maximum possible yield. 

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