Early Jalapeno Chili pepper seeds

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Chili Early chili pepper seeds


Jalapeno The Chili Early Jalapeno is native to Mexico. It was first cultivated in the town Jalapa and is therefore known as Jalapeno all over the world. As one can suggest from the name Chili early Jalapeno, this sort of Jalapeno ripens faster than other species. The common Jalapeno needs 80 days to ripen while the Early Jalapeno needs only 60 days. The Chili Early Jalapeno grows as a small shrub and reaches a height of almost a meter. The leaves are ovate and the flowers are white and actinomorphic. They are very numerous. The Chili early Jalapenos can have many fruits. Under normal conditions it already has up to 35 fruits, professional cultivated it can even have over 100 fruits. The fruits are very fleshy and medium hot. They reach 8500 Scoville. Like in all other species of the genus Capsicum in the family of the Solanaceae (nightshades) the sharpness comes from the substance capsaicin. The fruit gets 8 cm long and 3 cm in diameter. The fruits are harvest green as well as red. In Germany one gets the Chili early jalapeno mostly only pickled. Fresh fruits are rare in the supermarkets. Beside the pickled form one can also get smoked fruits of the Early Jalapeno. The fruits are very fleshy and cannot be dried the normal way. It is much better to fumigate them. The Mexicans use the early Jalapeno as a spice for their salsas. In the USA one prefers to fill the Early Jalapeno with cheese. The seeds are distributed in the three chambers of the fruit. They are very numerous that they almost fill the whole fruit.

The seeds germinate quite fast under moist and warm (28°C) conditions. After 3 to 4 weeks the first seedlings emerge. If the seeds are put into water before planting this can accelerate the germination process.

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