Chili Serrano Tampiqueno, pepper seeds

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Chili Serrano Tampiqueno

A special taste of Mexico is the Chili Serrano Tampiqueno which is also called Capsicum annuum longum. This kind of chili already belongs to the grade of hot peppers with about 3.000 Scoville. Originally it derived from Mexico. The word `Serrano` originates from sierra, which means some mountainous regions like Pueblo or Hidalgo, where this chili was cultivated. The seed pouches grow up to a length of four to eight centimeters and two centimeters thick. During maturation they change their color from green to light red. With increasing red color also the hot taste is getting stronger but sweeter, too. They are edible as green or as red pouches.

Although this kind of chili is related to Jalapenos it tastes hotter and has some thinner peel. The chili plant grows up to seventy centimeters. During the summer months they can grow outside at some warm and sunny place. Avoid windy positions and dammed-up water. Suitable substrate should be loamy or sandy soil, which should be kept humid. Because these plants are developing many roots it would be the best to keep it in a huge pot or barrel. Chili plants are half-hardy plants, low temperatures below five degrees should be avoided, they love warm temperatures about 14 to 25 degrees.

Eating them in a Mexican-like manner they can be grilled and salted as appetizers or preserved in oil or vinegar. To mix them with some other ingredients they become a tasty salsa!

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