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Black Naga Chilli Pepper seeds


Black Naga is a variant of Bhut Jolokia pepper which is itself a hybrid of two different plant species, i.e. Capsicum Frutescens and Capsicum Chinense, Bhut Jolokia, originally grown in North Eastern India, was notable for being the hottest chilli pepper in the world between 2007 and 2011. Consequently, Black Naga, rare as it is, is considerably hot given its capable of registering more than a million Scoville heat units. Black Naga is currently mainly grown in many parts of India and Pakistan. The Black Naga plant is similar in many ways to other plants of the Chinense species especially with regard to height, stem colour and annular constriction.

The pods, on the other hand, are huge, dark brown in colour and have a bumpy surface. Black Naga pepper is arrestingly hot to the taste and is the go-to ingredient when making hot sauces. This pepper is similar in flavour to the more common King Naga and serves well as a spice on a variety of meats. The Black Naga plant is very productive once it reaches maturity and one can expect upwards of 200 pods from a healthy plant per season. One should, however, be ready to wait for 140 to 172 days before the pods are ripe.

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