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Trinidad Scorpion Red Chilli Pepper seeds


The Red Trinidad Scorpion (Capsicum chinense) is one of the hottest peppers that are native to the Island of Trinidad. Like many peppers that are originally from the Island, this pepper has gone on to be widely grown in the Americas and other warm climes. The Red Trinidad Scorpion gets its name from being red, indigenous to Trinidad and from having a stinger similar to that of a scorpion. The pods are lantern-shaped with the stinger occupying one end of the pod. Unripe pods have a green colour which changes to orange and finally to red once the ripening process is complete.

The first thing one registers after tasting this pepper is a fruity sweetness that lingers for a brief moment before being subsumed by the heat. The Red Trinidad Scorpion is not for the fainthearted given the intensity of its heat can range from 1,400,000 to 2,000,000 Scoville heat units. Those who find themselves sufficiently challenged to give this pepper a try can use it in making hot sauces and salsas. A high degree of productivity can be guaranteed through making sure the environment is conducive for plant growth. Maturation takes place between 100 and 120 days. 


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