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7 Pot Brainstrain Yellow Chilli Pepper seeds


7 Pot Brainstrain Yellow, also called 7 Pod Brainstrain Yellow, is one strain of the 7 Pot peppers which fall under the Capsicum chinense species. The origin of this remarkably hot pepper can be traced to Trinidad where it’s believed to be so potent that only one of its pods would be required to spice 7 pots of stew. The pepper has consequently been adopted in several countries in the Americas, e.g. USA, Peru, Mexico, where it is currently cultivated. The 7 Pot Brainstrain has a wrinkled surface that can look a bit bulbous in some pods. Unripe pods tend to be green in colour but change to green once ripening sets in. The heat emanated by this pepper, which can reach highs of 1.35 million Scoville heat units, hits you quickly and therefore mixes with the flavour. 7 Pot Brainstrain has a fruity flavour with a smoky element that trails the heat. This very attribute makes it the ideal pepper for use when making hot sauces and soups. One can also use them to heat up pickles and chutney to rev up the taste. It takes between 70 and 90 days for the plant to mature and produce ripe fruit. Persons wishing to cultivate this pepper should aim to create conducive weather and soil conditions in order to attain maximum productivity.


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