seeds of 7 Pot Congo Chocolate Chili Peppers

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7 Pot Congo Chocolate Chilli Pepper seeds


The 7 Pot Congo Chocolate, also called 7 Pod Congo Chocolate, is a member of the 7 Pot strain of peppers that belong to the Capsicum chinense species. This very hot pepper was bred and developed in the United States which also doubles as its biggest producer. Like all members of its strain, 7 Pot Congo Chocolate packs plenty of heat which can range from 800,000 to a million Scoville heat units. The pods are large and can weigh over 22 grams when in environments conducive to the plant’s growth. The pods also sprout in abundance which has the effect of making the 7 Pot Congo Chocolate one of the most productive peppers. Unripe pods are green in colour and transition to brown when ripe. The flavour of the pod is fruity with a citrusy aroma that wafts over the scorching heat. The 7 Pot Congo Chocolate is a favourite amongst extreme eaters who use it to make a variety of hot sauces and salsas. Despite the exciting challenge this pepper presents, one should be careful when handling it. Always make a point of using gloves while taking steps to keep it out of children’s reach. The plant takes between 90 and 100 days before it matures


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