seeds of 7 Pot Douglah Brown Chili Peppers

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7 Pot Douglah Brown Chilli Pepper seeds


7 Pot Douglah Brown, also called 7 Pod Douglah Brown, is one of the 7 Pot strain of peppers belonging to the Capsicum chinense species. This pepper, which also goes by the names ‘The Chocolate 7 pot’ and ‘The 7 Pod Douglah’ is originally from Trinidad. Legend stipulates that the 7 Pot Douglah got its name because only one of its pods was required to spice up 7 pots full of stew. That claim might be true given how hot this pepper is (900,000 to 1,800,000 Scoville heat units). The pods are about 5 cm long and have a wrinkled surface that is slightly bulbous. The ripening process begins when the pods are green and results in the pods transitioning into a chocolate-brown hue.

7 Pot Douglah has a rich fruity flavour that’s accompanied with a nutty element. That sweetness coupled with the heat makes the pepper ideal for making hot sauces. An alternative way of using 7 Pot Douglah is through drying and grinding it into a powder. The powder is then used to enliven the taste of soups and salsas. It takes between 90 and 110 days for the plant to grow, mature and bears fruit. The huge size of fruit coupled with the high number of pods makes the 7 Pot Douglah a productive plant that will deliver when grown in a conducive environment. 


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