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7 Pot Red Chilli Pepper seeds


7 Pot Red, also known as 7 Pod Red, falls under the umbrella of pepper varieties that belong to the Capsicum chinense species. The credit for the origin of this pepper goes to Trinidad where it developed a reputation for being extremely hot. 7 Pot Red is now mostly grown in countries within the Americas including Mexico, the United States as well as Peru and Bolivia. The notoriety garnered by this pepper lies in the belief that one of its pods is capable of adequately spicing 7 pots of stew. There is some degree of variance with regard to the appearance of seeds given the pepper is unstable.

Nevertheless attributes such as the pimpled surface along with the searing heat are still consistent with other 7 Pot strains (800,000 to 1,000,000 Scoville heat units). 7 Pot Red has a fruity flavour that is accompanied by a touch of nuttiness. The kick from the pepper comes on quick, so the heat ends up blending in with the flavour. The blistering heat makes this pepper popular to extreme food enthusiasts who use it to make hot sauces and soups. 7 Pot Red takes between 70 and 90 days to grow and mature before one can do the harvesting. A good yield will be dependent on how conducive the weather and soil conditions are. 


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