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7 Pot White Chilli Pepper seeds


7 Pot White (Capsicum chinense), also called 7 Pod White, is one of the many peppers that belong to the 7 Pot strain that’s originally from Trinidad. It is believed that this very rare pepper is capable of spicing up to 7 pots of stew with just one pod hence the name. The implication here is that it’s very hot; and so it is, given it registers between 800,000 to 1,000,000 Scoville heat units. The blistering heat coupled with the productivity of 7 Pot White has led to increased distribution throughout the Americas and other parts of the world.

The pods have a wrinkled and bumpy surface and change from light green to white when ripe. The pods are also large and can be as long as 5 cm and 4 cm wide. 7 Pot White has a fruity flavour that’s promptly accompanied by the blistering heat. The walls of the pod are thin which makes it ideal for drying. Once dried the pod can be ground into a powder and used to spice up a variety of meats and snacks. 7 Pot White can also be used to make salsas and hot sauces. It takes between 90 to 110 days for the 7 Pot white plant to grow, mature and for the fruits to ripen. 


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