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Brazilian Ghost Chili Pepper seeds


Brazilain Ghost Pepper (Capsicum chinense) is a hybrid of three different types of peppers that include Bhut Jolokia, Trinidad Scorpion and 7 Pot Douglah. This considerably hot hybrid is the creation of Jose Renato who made it in Brazil and named it thus. The remarkably hot constitution of the species that went into making this hybrid resulted in a product that was hotter than all three. Brazilian Ghost Pepper registers over 1,430,000 Scovell heat units that make it one of the hottest peppers in the world. Brazilian Ghost Pepper pods have a number of spikes and pimples over it that make it instantly recognisable.

The pods can grow up to 6 cm long and 4 cm wide and have a shiny chocolate colour. While Brazilian Ghost pepper is mostly unstable, it does possess a number of stable attributes which is an encouraging sign. The blistering hot taste makes this pepper ideal for the making of hot sauces and the spicing of meat. One can also employ this pepper to heat up pickles and chutney before taking a bite. Brazillian Ghost pepper grows well in warm climates with fertile soils where it will reach a height of over 42 inches. One can expect to harvest a substantial yield after 170 days. 

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