seeds of Fatalii Brown Chili Peppers

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Fatalii Brown Chilli Pepper seeds


Fatalii Brown is a variant of Fatalii pepper which is one of the many cultivars of the Capsicum chinense chilli pepper species. The origins of this cultivar can be traced to Southern and Central Africa where it is believed to have descended from peppers introduced to the continent from the Americas. Fatalii Brown is currently extensively grown in many countries in South America and America. The peppers are no more than 8 cm long with a width of 3cm. Unripe pods have a green colour which starts changing to brown once the ripening process begins.

Fatalii Brown has a distinct citrus flavour and a blistering heat that can go as high as 500 Scoville heat units. A quality it shares with Habanero pepper which it’s closely related to. Unlike most peppers, the heat strikes you immediately which makes for a pleasantly surprising novel experience for newbies. The immediacy of the heat coupled with the citrus aroma makes it the perfect candidate for inclusion in salsas and a variety of sauces. Fatalii Brown is a compact plant and can, therefore, be potted. Given the plant thrives in optimal conditions, growing it a greenhouse is the best step. The plant takes 100 days to grow and mature before the peppers are ripe for plucking. 

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