seeds of Fatalii White Chili Peppers

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Fatalii white Samen
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Fatalii White Chili Pepper seeds


Fatalii White is variant of the Fatalii pepper which is one among many cultivars of the Capsicum chinense species. Fatalii white has its origins in Central and South Africa. It is widely believed that Fatalii pepper was introduced to the continent by African slaves coming back into the continent from the Caribbean. Presently, this cultivar is grown widely in the Americas, especially in countries such the Dominican Republic, as well as in several Sub-Saharan countries. The creamy white pods interspersed with the plant’s thick foliage makes for a beautiful scene. While the White Fatalii is far rarer than the yellow one and differs in terms of colour, the contrasts stop there.

In addition to sharing a citrus flavour, both peppers pack the same amount of heat whose kick hits you immediately. The citrus element present in Fatalii blends well with other citrus flavours. The pepper can, therefore, be used to make a variety of citrus flavoured hot sauces. Once appropriately diced, Fatalii White can also be a wonderful addition to dressings, chutney, barbecue sauce and marinades. The best way to attain high yields from Fatalii White is through using a greenhouse which maintains the optimal conditions necessary for the same. Moreover, the compact nature of the plant means it can be potted which gives you more control over the soil’s fertility. You’ll have to wait 100 days before the plant matures. 


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