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Jays Red Ghost Scorpion Chilli Pepper seeds


Jays Red Ghost Scorpion is one of the many cultivars of the Capsicum chinense species of peppers. The breeding of this cultivar was done by a farmer called Jay who lives in Pennsylvania, USA. Consequently, most of the cultivation of the Red Ghost Scorpion happens in the United States but this will gradually change given the many variants that are currently being developed. Pods have a variety of shapes which might make them hard to distinguish from other pepper varieties that share its colour. All pods have a bumpy surface that is similar to that of Ghost Pepper. A good number of pods also develop tails.

The flavour has been described as being floral without any acidic elements. The pepper is also very hot given pods can register up to 800,000 Scoville heat units. Such a figure isn’t surprising given it’s a hybrid of two hot peppers namely the Bhut Jolokia and Trinidad Scorpion. The blistering heat makes the Red Ghost Scorpion ideal for making hot sauces as well as for heating up chutney and pickles. Should one provide optimal weather and soil conditions, one can expect this cultivar to be highly productive. The plant takes between 100 and 120 days to reach maturity and sprout fruits. 

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