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Pretty in Purple Chilli Pepper seeds


Pretty in Purple (Capsicum annum) is one of the most beautiful and productive peppers in the world. This ornamental pepper has its origins in The United States where is cultivated for both its peppers and for aesthetic reasons. It’s also in the United States that the cultivation of Pretty in Purple primarily takes place. The ornamental attribute works best for people who like its signature purple colour. Each plant bears dozens of pods which all make the purple hue the focal point of this compact plant. Consequently, the plant is able to deliver both high yields while delivering a uniform swath of colour that is ideal for landscaping.

Pretty in Purple is a mild pepper registering between 4,000 and 80,000 Scoville heat units. The flavour, which is similar to that of Jalapenos, mingles with the minimal heat so that none overshadows the other. Curiously enough, the above list of attributes makes Pretty in Purple the ideal pepper for new chilli enthusiasts. In addition to decorating the landscape, one can use Pretty in Purple to make salads, salsas and a mildly hot sauces. The pepper is also an ideal candidate for pickling. The length of time taken by the plant from growth to maturation is 90 days. 


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