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Chrysanthemum indicum is one among many plant species of the genus Chrysanthemum and the family Asteraceae. Synonyms include Achillea bandana, Achillea berdana, and Arctotis elegans. The plant’s native range extends from Eastern China all the way to Central and Southern Japan. Chrysanthemum indicum grows to a height of 60 cm and extends to a breadth of 60 cm as well. The plant is notable for its yellow flowers which have yellow pollen. The plant is upright, fragrant and consists of a clump of stems that shoot up from the rhizomes at the base. The plant’s leaves are ovate, pale green and have petioles that have a length of 1 to 2 cm. The plant’s fruits take the form of achenes. The plant’s leaves are an ideal vegetable, and one can cook them or use them to make tea. Another edible part of the plant is the flower heads which one can pickle in vinegar. Alternatively, the flowers can serve as an ingredient when making beverages, e.g., Gey Huay. Chrysanthemum indicum also proves to be reliable in being a source of herbal medicines. Such medicines supposedly have depurative, tonic and antiphlogistic effects which many believe either cure diseases or improve one’s health. Medical conditions that the remedy can treat include gonorrhoea, eye infections, and migraines. The flowers contain most of the plant’s medicinal potency. Chrysanthemum indicum thrives in both partial shades and under direct sunlight. The plant doesn’t possess the versatility inherent in hardy plants and therefore doesn’t cope well in extremely low or high temperatures. Excess water and frost are also harmful to the plant. What Chrysanthemum indicum prefers, however, is fertile, well-drained soils that have moderate moisture and aggregable pH levels. The plant also prefers to spend 13 hours in a day in the dark before spending the rest in the light.
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