Cola lateritia seeds, Rare !

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Cola lateritia seeds


Cola lateritia is native in the Congo where many of the species oft he genus Cola occur. Cola lateritia grows as a tree that reaches a height of 50 m. The trunk gets 80 cm in diameter and has mostly buttress roots. The wood of Cola lateritia is used by the natives to build casks. Therefore it is perfectly suited because it is stable and flexible. The heartwood is pinkish brownish, the sapwood is grayish or whitish. The buttress roots are used to build pails. However the wood of Cola lateritia is only used local. The quality is not good enough for a cultivation and production of wood in higher amounts. The leaves are heart shaped and pubescent when they are young. They have an entire or lobed leaf margin. The young leaves are eaten in ceremonies at the Ivory Coast. Cola lateritia is deciduous. Before falling down the leaves get reddish. The flowers are yellow, pink or red and have a pleasant odor. The fruit is hard- shelled and has a rough, brown surface. It contains the seeds. The seeds contain just as the seeds of Cola accuminata caffeine. They are chewed to experience an energy boost and stimulate the digestion. Small rodents also eat the fruits. Doing so they distribute the seeds that are not digested.

The seeds of Cola lateritia should be soaked in warm water for a day. After that treatment they can be planted into the substrate. At a temperature of 30 °C germination occurs after about 4 weeks in the constantly moist substrate.

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