seeds of Cyperus alternifolius, Umbrella Papyrus

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Cyperus alternifolius, also called umbrella papyrus, is a grass-like plant species that belongs to the family Cyperaceae. Synonyms include Cyperus frondosus, Cyperus racemosus, and Cyperus onustus. Common names for the plant include umbrella palm and umbrella sedge. Cyperus alternifolius has its origins in Madagascar. Successfully naturalization has led to the spread of the plant to different parts of the world. Cyperus alternifolius grows in clumps of stems that can grow to a height of up to 60 cm. The stems have between 10 and 25 bracts at their crests that grow in whirls. The axils on the bracts and are also the points where clusters of greenish-brown flowers appear. The plant’s green bracts and stems have both white spots and stripes. Cyperus alternifolius is an ideal plant to have in a water garden. One has the choice to plant umbrella papyrus either underwater, in bog gardens, or in pots. The value the plant provides is ornamental. The bright green colour and its lush foliage make it useful in landscape design. Cyperus alternifolius thrives in the shade. Exposing the plant to sunlight only serves to scorch its leaves. Dry winds are also harmful to the plant given they reduce the moisture content in the leaves. Frost has the effect of turning the leaves brown which could be the beginning of the end for the plant. Cyperus alternifolius lacks the attributes which are more consistent with hardy plants. Surviving the winter is, therefore, out of the question except for those plants that grow in USDA Zone 9. Given such a reality, a prudent move would be to transfer the plants into pots and move them indoors. One of the advantages of cultivating Cyperus alternifolius is that it doesn’t have any major pests and diseases to harm it. All you’ll need to provide is plenty of water for the plant to grow in and sufficient shade.
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