Cyperus papyrus seeds, Genuine Papyrus, Nutsedge

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Cyperus papyrus seeds, nutsedge, Genuine Papyrus

If you are looking for an attractive and eye-catching addition to your garden, look no more. Even the Egyptions appreciated Cyperus papyrus as not only decorative but also agricultural valuable plant that lead to the production of paper. The flatsedge made its way from the north of Africa via Europe and was even imported to the USA in recent decades due to its rising popularity among gardeners who were looking for interesting additions to their well grown backyards.
Cyperus papyrus, also known as nutsedge, Genuine Papyrus or Papyrus, resembles gras and rush plants, whose spikelets are grouped to bigger bunches that almost remind the spectator of umbelliferous plants. The Cyperaceae vary in colour that start off with a pure and strong green in all its diversity up to a rusty display of the fruits. What starts with quite tiny and fragile seeds, growth into a plant of remarkable 3 to 5 m of height and radius. Thus, this plant is not only an aesthetic but stylistic plus among garden lovers who fancy something for the eye but not too distinct to distract from the floral ensemble.
Non-garden owner can maintain the ornamental grass well with adequate watering and temperature while providing a decorative accessory as part of their interior design.
The main feature of Cyperus are the long stalks, which - if largely protected from the wind - can reach enormous length. Another trait are the growth of rhizomes. As part of the Cyperaceae (Sedges) they mainly occur in swampy that provide light as well as enough shade and water supply. Cyperus loves lime-free soils with a pH of acidic range and therefore is eponymous for this grass species.
It is not surprising that Cyperus papyrus is found on the banks of the Nile River in large numbers, because sedges love damp surfaces that offer the horizontal roots sufficiently water and options to spread. Ideal conditions are offered by coastal, marsh and similar types of areas.

If you love exotic plants, you will notice that the seeds are of very fine shape and, in contrast to the extent the reach when fully grown and supplied with enough water. Seeds should not be covered with soil but only sprinkled onto the surface and kept moist. Germination will start after 2-6 weeks. With an environment that guarantees partly shaded and partly sunny areas, as well as damp surfaces and year-round temperatures of above 5 degrees, which requires a separate location for the winter, the plant should grow well.


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