50 seeds of Datura innoxia, thorn-apple, downy thorn-apple, Indian-apple, innoxia

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Datura inoxia thorn-apple, Indian-apple seeds



Datura innoxia, commonly known as thorn-apple or downy thorn is a species from Solanaceae family. Other common names include pricklyburr or Indian apple. Its synonym is Datura meteloides. Pricklyburr is a native plant to Central and South America and the S.W United States. Downy thorn is a yearly shrubby plant that grows to a height of 1.5m tall. The plant grows in normal weather condition with full or close to full sun. The harsh weather conditions can kill the plant or result in drooping of the leaves.

The leaves and stems of downy thorn plant are covered with soft and short grey-like hair that gives the entire plant a grey appearance. The leaves have pinnate venation with a smooth elliptic edge. Every part of this plant produces foul smell same to that of rancid peanut butter when crushed. Though, during the blooming period, the smell can be a bit pleasant. The flowers of the plant are trumpet-shaped, white and with a length of 14cm. The flowers grow in an upright position at an early age and bend downwards later. The bloom period is from early summer to late fall. The fruits are in shape of an egg enclosed in a thorny capsule. The fruit splits open when they are ripe to disperse the seeds. The spines on the fruit protect it from being feed on by wildlife.

Datura innoxia is a hermaphrodite plant. It has both the female and male organs. This means that the plant has self-fertilisation through pollination enabled by the insects or wind pollination. The white flowers of the plant produce nectar that attracts these insects.
Every part of Datura innoxia plant can be used. The fruits are edible but often mixed with clay soil to neutralise it and reduce the toxic effects. The leaves and root of the plant can be used to make a stupefying beverage. The plant has been used in the past to relieve pain. The remedy from the plant is also said to treat diarrhoea, fever with catarrh, skin diseases and insanity. The leaves of the plant contain about 0.50 percent scopolamine and 1.06 percent calices, stems contain 0.4 percent, the fruit contains 0.76 percent, roots contain 0.40 percent, capsules 0.30 percent, seeds 0.45 percent and the entire plant 0.60 percent. Using this plant needs extra cautions and need to be under the direction of a qualified professional because the toxic done is close to a medicinal dose.


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