Seeds of Giant-Bamboo Dendrocalamus strictus, Calcutta bamboo

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Dendrocalamus strictus, also known as the Calcutta bamboo, is a bamboo species of the family Poaceae. Synonyms include Arunda hexandra, Bambusa glomerata, and Bambos stricta. Other plant names include solid bamboo and male bamboo. The plant's distribution stretches from India to Thailand through Nepal, Myanmar, and Bangladesh.

Dendrocalamus strictus can grow to a height of 6 to 18 metres. The plant takes the form of a thicket comprising culms that have multiple branches with white flowers. A change in colour in the leaves signifies an extra step towards maturity. The flowers change from white to green and eventually to brown when they dry up. The culms have very thick walls and sheaths that have a length of 18 to 22 cm and a width of 10 to 17 cm. The culms have a diameter of 25 to 75 mm.

The young shoots of Dendrocalamus strictus are edible, and one can employ cooking methods used to cook vegetables to prepare them. The tree is also the source of manna that one can either cook or use to prepare sweetmeats. Dendrocalamus strictus is also a reliable plant to cultivate in areas in need of reclamation, e.g., ravine land. In addition, the plant supplies materials for the construction of bridges, scaffolding, fencing poles, tent poles, rafters, and concrete reinforcement. Other objects whose creation relies on bamboo include baskets, walking sticks, furniture, and agricultural implements.
Dendrocalamus strictus can be the primary raw material in paper-pulp factories. Traditional medicinal practices also rely on the plant as a source of herbal remedies. The plant grows well in tropical and sub-tropical areas. Bamboo is capable of coping with high and low temperatures as well as low moisture levels in the soils. The plant prefers well-drained sandy-loamy soils with plenty of gravel in them. One can start harvesting 3 or 4 years after the plant starts producing fully sized culms.

Germinating them isn't easy. Best is to let the seeds soak in tepid water for about 12 hours then hardly cover seeds with moist soil and store at a warm place at about 25°C.

It's important to always keep constant moisture what could be improved by simply covering the pot with kitchen foil but anyway it has to be ventilated twice a day to avoid mold.

Depending on temperature germination will start after about 4-5 weeks

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